We help purpose-led organizations find, retain, and close more customers



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Is your organization struggling to expand your pool of prospects?

Unable to hold the attention of your desired audience?

Failing to consistently turn leads into customers?


How We Do It

Our methodology, developed over a decade of working with world-class organizations of all sizes and industries, allows our clients to successfully:

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… with a significantly larger number of prospects then…

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…their attention until they are ready to buy and reliably…

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…more of them into paying customers.

We know how challenging it can be to keep trying to fill your pipeline every month with new prospects.

Legacy tactics like billboards and print media don’t work for small and medium-sized organizations and it seems impossible to get heard above the noise in the digital world.

You would need a massive (and expensive!) internal team of strategists and tacticians to keep track of the constant changes with online platforms.

At SOULO Projects, we developed an effective methodology that combines the best of tested marketing strategy and implementation with an approach that aligns with your organization’s commitment to being of service to your customers.

Our team of experienced and talented professionals help you reinvent how you reach customers with a focus on the thought-leadership you bring to your industry.


What Our Clients Say

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“SOULO created a sincere working relationship that made us feel taken care of. We don’t have to worry about the marketing side of our business anymore; qualified prospects continue to reliably come in month after month. Without our own dedicated marketing team, we couldn’t have done it without them.

Director/Owner, Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy

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“SOULO quickly cut through the complexity of our challenges with ease and delight without drifting from our organization’s mission. In only a few months, they upscaled and modernized our marketing. The results were both fast and dramatic; previously at-risk programs were full and had waiting lists.”

Executive Director, Nova Scotia College of Early Childhood Education

Make It Happen




Send us a message and we will set a time to discuss where you are and, more importantly, where you want to go.




We will put together a proposal for you that clearly outlines how we can put our methods to work to help you grow.




If you choose to go forward, our team will become yours as we get to work helping you find, retain, and close more prospects.


We know you want your organization to truly be of service to your customers; that’s what it means to be purpose-led.

But to be successful, you need to build and retain an audience that connects with what you stand for and can benefit from what you have to offer.

However, the amount of time and level of expertise to successfully do that normally requires an in-house marketing team that is way beyond your budget.

We believe purpose-led small and medium sized organizations should be able to connect with and convert customers without needing a team of marketing experts on their payroll.

When you know your products and services have the potential to change people’s lives, it’s frustrating to constantly be struggling to find enough of the right customers.

At SOULO Projects, we turned over a decade of experience helping organizations find their audience into a reliable methodology that works.

To find out if how we work is a fit for your organization, send us a message and we will discuss where you want to go and how your marketing challenges are holding you back. We will then create a proposal outlining how we would put our methodology to work for you. If we move forward together, our team of experts will become yours as we help you find, retain, and close more customers faster than ever before.

Send us an email so you can stop worrying about how you’re going to get more customers and put that energy into what you and your team really love – creating and delivering offerings that transform the lives of your customers.


Our Team

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Chaz Thorne

Competition & Content

Chaz is a strategist and best-selling author who has helmed multimillion-dollar companies in entertainment, technology, and agri-tech. He has been a strategic advisor to both for-profit and non-profit organizations ranging in size from $150k revenue per year to $8b.

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Paul MacInnis

Product & Monetization

A seasoned veteran of event production, online course production and workshop design, Paul has worked with world-class inspirational speakers to inspire personal and social change through live events, workshops, retreats, digital products, and traditional publishing.

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Christel LeBlanc

Brand & Design

Christel is a designer, artist and teacher who specializes in branding and communication design for businesses, research institutes and non-profits. She has since worked with hundreds of clients nationally and internationally.

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Mike Maloney

Media & Communications
Mike is an award-winning PR and marketing communications strategist who’s helped amplify some of North America’s best-known brands. Working both independently and with agencies, Mike has secured millions of dollars’ worth of coverage in top-tier media outlets.

How Can We Help?

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