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S O U L O P R E N E U R    L A U N C H


Build a business that aligns with who you really are

with our online training, coaching and community. 

Leverage the alchemy of your story, purpose, and entrepreneurial spirit in this fun, personalized, and effective program.

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Uninspired by your work?


Feeling like you’re not living your purpose?

Unsure you have what it takes to launch your own business?

For well over a decade, we've helped purpose-led leaders expand their businesses, audiences, and impact.

SOULOpreneur is the culmination of all we have learned — an offering that allows those just starting out to establish a solid and scalable foundation for their business.

Take the Quiz: What type of soul-o-preneur are you?

Your Time & Energy are Precious

Our competitor's programs force learners to slog through short-sighted and played-out theories and tactics.

These programs bamboozle with "inspirtainment" and mountains of material — but offer little actionable guidance.

Even worse, the often short-sighted and manipulative gimmicks they preach are painfully out of sync with soul-centered entrepreneurs — those who believe in being of service to others through their work.

SOULOpreneur LAUNCH features nine self-guided assessments (digital, automated, and self-paced) that guide you through critical foundational choices.

All of this is done with a focus on growing a venture that is a unique expression of who you are. The result is a clear picture of how to build your soul-centered business.

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SOULOpreneur grads significantly increase their…

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Spend your time doing work that truly energizes you and engages others.

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Feel the satisfaction of being of service in your own unique and valuable way.

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Step forward boldly knowing you have everything you need to be successful.

We know how it feels to waste your days doing uninspiring work that feels out of alignment with your talents and what you were put on this planet to do.

Over the past decade, we built SOULO with the exact methods we're going to teach you in our program.

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What Our Grads Say

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“The training taught me the few things I need to do well and focused my energy. It would have taken me five years to accomplish alone what I did with SOULO in six weeks.”

Coach & Author of
“Chica, Why Not?” (Hay House)

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“I wish SOULO had been around when I started out; I would have had way less frustration and overwhelm. The training reminded me why I got into this work, what I enjoy about it, and gave me a roadmap to get back to it.”

Rehabilitation Specialist

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“I loved the commitment to bringing your full self while still building a real business. SOULO’s training gave me the confidence that I have something special to offer that can make a difference.”

Change Leadership Consultant


The SOULOpreneur's Manifesto

I believe in being of service, in building community, in making a difference in the lives of others, in the power of personal stories, and that purpose is the most solid foundation on which to build a business.

Take the Quiz: What type of soul-o-preneur are you?

You’re the kind of person who dreams of being able to make a living from your calling.

But, to ‘quit your day job’, you need a solid plan to build a business that’s an expression of your unique gifts.

Right now, you’re spending the majority of your time doing tedious and uninspiring work that makes you feel like you’re not living the full life you want to lead.

At SOULO, we understand how it feels to waste your working days feeling disengaged from the spark that makes you feel truly alive, needed, and of service to others. We believe we all have special gifts that we should be able to share with the world while also making a living.

Our SOULOpreneur programs have helped dozens of soul-centered people like yourself launch businesses that are an expression of their true calling.

When you sign up you get instant access to our community of coaches and fellow entrepreneurs. You can start learning what you need to succeed right away while building relationships with other heart-led people who are on a similar journey.

Meet Your Team of Coaches

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Paul MacInnis, BA


Paul has designed and produced events, online courses and workshops with many of the world’s foremost spiritual thought leaders. He will help you create offerings that people love while also expanding your following.

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Chaz Thorne, MBA


Award winning filmmaker, bestselling author, thought leader, and 7X business founder, Chaz is a strategic advisor to leading companies. He will help you uncover a story for your business that will allow you to compete and win.

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Christel LeBlanc, MDes.


Christel is a designer, artist and teacher specializing in branding and communication design for businesses, research institutes and non-profits. She will help you express the heart of your business through visuals.

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Roni Davis


Roni is a highly experienced coach and SOULOpreneur grad that has her own business focused on cognitive eating. She will help you navigate your program and keep you to motivated for creating success.

Program Overview


In each module, you will complete an in-depth self-assessment to help you make definitive choices about your business.

You will then access instructional videos and deep-dive exercises customized to your specific assessment outcomes.     


You’ll be guided to get the vision for your entire business on a single page.

Short and sweet, your customized Manifestation Map, is a one-page plan that provides you with everything you need to know to launch your business and nothing that you don’t. Most importantly, it is a way forward that is drawn out of your distinctive soul-centered picture of how you want to show up in the world.

As an alum, you’ll continue to receive guidance and support through your exclusive online community of other graduates and our coaches. Over time, your business will grow to the point that you’ll be able to fill your days doing inspiring work that you love.

So sign up now, so you can stop feeling disengaged with your work life and confidently launch a business filled with inspiration and purpose.

Sign up today and get a 90-Day free trial of our Momentum Machine Membership Program ($297 CDN Value)

What You Get

  • Learn how to leverage your story, purpose, and entrepreneurial spirit in your business 
  • Make critical decisions about your business using our automated assessment tools 
  • Access educational videos and exercises specific to your business 
  • Create a customized Manifestation Map that reveals a new and improved vision of your business
  • Access an exclusive Facebook group for additional learning, coaching, and engagement with fellow grads as you grow your business
  • Our no-questions-asked Soul-Centered Guarantee (scroll down to read more)
  • Gain the inspiration, purpose, and confidence to succeed




(90-Day Free Trial of the Momentum Machine) 


The Momentum Machine will provide you with...

  • MOTIVATION - Retain and build upon what you discover in LAUNCH to go even further.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - Stay focused with expert, structured guidance on goal-setting and tracking.
  • COMMUNITY - Remain engaged with and supported by like-minded SOULOpreneurs.



  • A monthly 1:1 15-minute call or email exchange with a coach
  • Weekly live check-in group calls 
  • Access to membership portal for goal setting and tracking
  • Personalized follow up on goal progress by text or email to offer encouragement and support
  • Small group assignments and exercises
  • Opportunities to get feedback and testimonials from other members on your offers
  • 24/7 Voxer Support


Only $499 CDN plus HST



Only $397 USD

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Your Next Steps

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Commit to changing your life by signing up for SOULOpreneur LAUNCH and get instant access to our online community of classmates and coaches.

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Once your program begins, we’ll guide you through a simple yet powerful process that leverages your purpose and passion to manifest your business. 


By following your plan with the ongoing support of your SOULOpreneur family, you’ll grow your business and spend more time doing what you love. 

Our Soul-Centered Guarantee

We want you to be successful in building your business and to feel like a part of our community. 
Our trial period lasts ten days. If you decide this program isn't for you, we will refund you 100% of your registration fee.


I'm ready to launch my soul-centered business!